System Out and Err Redirected to SLF4J

The sysout-over-slf4j module allows a user to redirect all calls to System.out and System.err to an SLF4J defined logger with the name of the fully qualified class in which the System.out.println (or similar) call was made, at configurable levels.

What are the intended use cases?

The sysout-over-slf4j module is for cases where your legacy codebase, or a third party module you use, prints directly to the console and you would like to get the benefits of a proper logging framework, with automatic capture of information like timestamp and the ability to filter which messages you are interested in seeing and control where they are sent.

The sysout-over-slf4j module is explicitly not intended to encourage the use of System.out or System.err for logging purposes. There is a significant performance overhead attached to its use, and as such it should be considered a stop-gap for your own code until you can alter it to use SLF4J directly, or a work-around for poorly behaving third party modules.

Getting started

Follow the Quick start guide.