Link to Splunk from a Grafana Dashboard

It is possible to link from a Grafana Dashboard to a Splunk search for exactly the period of time you are looking at in the Grafana dashboard.


  1. Go to Dashbaord settings -> Links
  2. Click New
  3. Select Type: link, Title, Tooltip and Icon as you prefer and leave all the Include options toggled off
  4. Set the URL to: https://<your_splunk_host>/en-GB/app/search/search?q=search%20index%3D<your_index>%20sourcetype%3D%22<your_sourcetype>%22%20%5B%20%7C%20makeresults%20%7C%20eval%20earliest%3D(floor($__from%2F1000))%20%7C%20eval%20latest%3D(floor($__to%2F1000))%20%7C%20return%20earliest%20latest%20%5D
  5. Click Add
  6. Save the dashboard

Obviously you can alter any other search parameters you want. The important part of the URL for this purpose is:


which decodes to:

[ | makeresults | eval earliest=(floor($__from/1000)) | eval latest=(floor($__to/1000)) | return earliest latest ]

Grafana will replace $__from and $__to with the current view’s epoch milliseconds, and this part of the query converts them to epoch seconds, which is what splunk accepts.